torstai 16. elokuuta 2012

In the works: Web AI

Now that we've got our first babies out to the market, our team is already busy sketching new apps for the AI series. Here's news for you all: the next one will be "Web AI". You probably guessed it: we're applying our adaptive widget concept for web bookmarks, and also location learning will be included.

We already have a working demo, and it seems that this use case can be enabled for a wide category of devices. With today's sandboxed environments you never know whether a use case is feasible before you go through the necessary APIs and try to implement a proof-of-concept demo on a real device...

There's one tricky part, though. Unlike calls and apps, with web addresses it is common that user browses multiple pages from a single domain (for example when reading news). It's like having multiple slightly different contacts for a single person in your phone book. I think user's wouldn't appreciate it, if the widget learned four links to different news stories instead of just the landing page of the site. Hence, we need to find a good strategy for automatically picking the most meaningful URL (or part of it) from a bunch of similar ones, and only this one needs to be learned. We need a new kind of filter in front of the usual learning block. Sounds simple, but we'll see how well this can be worked out in practice.

The rumors tell that after Web AI is finished we will look into automobiles next, but I will not reveal more yet... Despite there is already work in progress, as always, feel free to share your own ideas; we're always ready to listen and discuss our favorite topic :)

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