keskiviikko 22. elokuuta 2012

FREE 3D Gyro Compass now available

We're really proud to present Finwe Ltd.'s latest app: 3D Gyro Compass. Our sensor team has created a truly stunning compass application using state-of-the-art sensor fusion algorithm and Rightware's leading Kanzi 3D framework. It is fast, accurate, tilt-compensated and even uses physics modelling to smooth movements in rough conditions. There is simply no match for it!

While most compass apps simply use plain magnetometer signal or Google's sensor fusion algorithm, this app raises the bar to a new level: we have further developed Sebastian Madgwick's LGPL-licensed open source AHRS sensor fusion algorithm (source code available at request) to combine accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope sensor feeds in a clever way.

Our experts have 10+ year experience with sensors in mobile phones. When applied together with Kanzi tools to create fast HW accelerated 3D graphics, we managed to create this beast. To experience it with your own eyes, download it for FREE from Google Play, and share as you wish.

Get it from Google Play:

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  1. Hi,
    How can I get the LGPL source code? I've emailed you (at but got no answer.

  2. Hi, and thank you for your interest. Unfortunately we couldn't find your email from our inbox. Please try again, and we'll send you the code package as an attachment.