Call AI

Call AI – the smartest way to find your favorite contacts anywhere!

Call AI contains a piece of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Unlike other contact widgets, it learns your most important LOCATIONS and displays the contacts you usually prefer to call in those places (for example, business contacts at the office and friends/family at home).

No configuring, no settings, no GPS needed. The application automatically adapts to your individual ways of use, to provide the ultimate user experience.

How does it work?

After installation, simply add the Call AI widget on the home screen and you're done. Algorithms begin their work immediately, and within the next few days it will learn.

Just keep an eye on the widget, as contacts and background graphic become automatically adapted to your individual use pattern and current location.

NEW: We have added two new widget layouts: in addition to traditional 4x1 layout, you can now choose 2x2 or 4x2 layout. Simply select the widget version you want when placing it to home screen.

Call AI is now available for Android smartphones (minimum version 2.0 / API level 5).

Get it on Google Play

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