Fantasy Dice

Fantasy Dice - The most realistic dice app (FREE)

A new wonderful dice app, which sets the bar for random number generation to a whole new level!

The secret recipe for the best dice app in the market reveals that only the best ingredients were used:

1 Rightware Kanzi framework for stunning 3D graphics
1 Bullet physics engine for fascinating, realistic physics modeling
1 State-of-the-art AHRS sensor fusion algorithm for fast and accurate movement tracking

Use sensor fusion to accurately calculate every movement of the device: tilting, shaking, rotating. Apply measured movements to a 3D box. Add freely moving dice according to your own flavor, but make sure that they slide, roll and bounce naturally. Render the graphics using HW acceleration. Decorate with sound and vibration effects. Serve warm and FREE.

Here's a short Youtube clip, check it out:

Fantasy Dice in Youtube.

Fantasy Dice recognizes what movement sensors your device has and automatically selects an appropriate algorithm version. Basic movement tracking is available for devices with accelerometer, while the best experience requires also magnetometer and gyroscope sensors.

Basic d6 dice with glossy surface and shadow effect.

By tapping the screen you can show/hide dice selection menu. To add more dice, tap one of them and it will bounce to the box. Experiment shaking, tilting and sliding. It's fun!

For additional realism, there's also an adaptive lighting feature: room light is placed straight above, so you'll notice the lighting effect by tilting the device.

We support a great collection of die styles, all magically rotating in the die menu.

From settings menu you can switch between two camera positions: near and far. There's also specific HUD screen overlay for benchmarking your device performance. Various effects and themes can be selected from settings menu, which allows adapting to device performance / number of dice.

Beautiful marble background with reflection effect makes a very stylish new theme.

In case you want to use the app in board games, you'll love the automatic total score counter. No more dice under the sofa, simply shake your phone. Since we support up to 20 dice, you can generate a random number up to 400.

Download and share freely. If you're interested, the sensor fusion algorithm is open source and available under LGPL license. It is based on Sebastian Madgwick's widely popular AHRS algorithm. You can download our version of the algorithm from here.

Fantasy Dice is available for FREE via Google Play. Don't forget to rate & review it!

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