perjantai 16. marraskuuta 2012

Dice 2.1 is out - and it's faster than ever!

We just pushed in an update to our fabulous Fantasy Dice!

The most important treat is that this release takes the performance to a totally new level. As an example, on Samsung Galaxy S3 you could have four dice running at full speed (FPS60) - now it's nine. We have more than doubled the performance. Thanks go to our optimizing guru Kine, who's done a fantastic job here.

We've also got some good news for Nexus 7 owners: Fantasy Dice 2.1 now fully supports this device. It took some time to get a hold on one here in Oulu, Finland - but now score counting and that great mirror effect work perfectly also on Nexus 7.

Happy dice bouncing - the update should become available in a few hours via Google Play.

Get it on Google Play

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