torstai 20. syyskuuta 2012


So we too fell for this one. I guess it had to happen eventually...

We have a bunch of different kinds of Android devices in our lab for development and testing. But, there are hundreds of different devices running different versions of Android, so of course it is impossible to have them all and test each device. Unfortunately, they really do behave differently from software developer's point of view. That's platform fragmentation.

Long story short, after pushing the last update to our AI apps we started to receive bug reports of suddenly missing content from the widgets. It took some time to figure it all out, as none of our development devices had ever showed this behavior. So we went shopping and bought a few Samsung Galaxy S3 phones (yikes, they are expensive!) We then managed to repeat the bug, fixed it, and now there's an update available for each AI app.

Apologies go to all AI apps users. We now have better coverage over various Android devices, so hopefully this will never happen again.

As a bonus, there are new features coming to AI apps. They are not yet included to this "emergency update" released today, since we wanted to get it out as soon as properly tested.

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