perjantai 29. kesäkuuta 2012

Coming out of stealth mode

At Finwe Ltd. we are excited about getting closer to publishing our first own software products. While the applications are still in their early phases, we have learned to appreciate the feedback and insight of our users, and thus wish to invite all of you to participate in the development, now that we have something concrete coming for you to try out.

In fact, we have not one but multiple applications in the pipeline that apply artificial intelligence in a very practical manner (you can see a few hints above in the page names). However, to create the ultimate user experience, WE NEED YOUR HELP! When creating applications that learn from usage and adapt, the reality is that they work differently for each user and thus traditional software testing is not enough: we must hear from our users how the algorithms work in their daily life. This is where you can really help.

Our long term wish is to establish here a community around the topic of applying AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning, adaptation and context awareness to smart phones. That small box in your pocket has enormous computing capabilities, but despite of how we call them, they still have a long way to become truly smart devices. This is your opportunity to make a difference even if you're not a software professional. You are welcome to share your thoughts, ideas, wishes and critique and discuss directly with our experts and developers.

Note: We are beginning this site as a blog in order to create a good channel for announcements. However, forum or other tool can be included to encourage discussion. What do you think would be the best way to communicate? Share your ideas by commenting to this post.

Stay tuned, the first app will be released to Google Play (Android Market) sooner than you think...

About Finwe Ltd.

Finwe Ltd. is a well established, privately owned company located in Oulu, Finland. We spinned of from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland in 2006 to commercialize our long term research results in the fields of context management, sensor algorithms, adaptation and artificial intelligence. The company has been profitable from day one, and our technologies are now included to millions of mobile phones around the world. Today, we employ 15 highly skilled mobile software experts and scientists, and offer consultation & software development resources for the industry leaders.

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  1. Congrats for coming out.

    Your description is a bit vague, but this sounds like something that I've been waiting for: more intelligent apps. Looking forward to see what you've got.